As customers become more demanding, Small and Medium size enterprises (SMEs) feel the competitive pressure to improve their product quality, product diversity and the need to delivery their goods ever faster in an environment where sales prices are falling and costs going up.


SMEs realise that current working practices are insufficient to sustain and improve profitability in the existing business climate. A dramatic change is required to improve service flexibility and customer satisfaction, which can be achieved through Lean management. There is nothing mysterious about the principles of Lean management. They are based on understanding customer needs, being responsive to change and continually minimising non-value adding activities.


Implementing Lean within SMEs can be a major challenge due to limited resources and acute financial constraints. They can't afford the luxury of implementing a major scale Lean transformation, it has to be carefully planned and executed, taken into account the specific challenges which smaller organisations face.

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Jansen Consulting assists Small and Medium size companies introducing Lean principles, working alongside the organisation using workshop-based learning with practical application and improvement action. The approach is customised to meet specific client requirements to ensure a successful transition and lasting implementation. Our solutions include Lean assessments, training, on-site implementations and ongoing support.

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